Tuesday, 31 March 2015

If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake, baked a cake...

For a part of our Visual Forms module we had to pick a theme from a choice of 3 and create a project around it that produced a final image. I chose the theme 'Marketplace' and in particular a marketplace close to where I live that sells cakes. As I wanted to make sure this part of Vis Forms helped improve my model making skills I decided to replicate several cakes out of Sculpey. Here are the results;

When it came to producing a final image I wanted to present the cakes in a simplistic way so the focus is on the craftmanship of the actual cakes. So for a bit of fun I took some high quality images of my cakes all laid up on three separate tables. But I added a scene from the Great British Bake-Off behind the cakes, just an image for people to take a second look at!

My final simplistic image which holds my favourite cakes out of all the ones I made.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Expecto Petroleum!

My last project was to make any mode of transport I wish! One of my favourite vehicles is a Land Rover Defender just because I love the look of them and its going to be a challenge to make one in miniature. I made some rough sketches of ideas on how to change the original design. 

We also went over to the TA Army base to some drawing with Visual Forms and they had a Land Rover Defender over there, this made it easier for me to get primary research of the real thing before I make the mini thing!

My tutor sent me some plans of the Land Rover which had all of the basic features, the features that need to be on both my mock-up and final. 

Here is my mock-up for the Land Rover, made from wood and recycled everyday materials. Hardboard for the main structure, bulldog clips, glue lids, sink strainers, shallow flower pots, beads, etc. This all covered with a couple of coats of grey primer.

And here's my final model of a Land Rover Defender. It was a lot of hard work but I'm so happy with the result! Using wood and a lot of sanding then filling, then more sanding and more filling to get the right shape. Hardest part was to get the lights to work, two torches glued to the underneath of the wood so the buttons for the torches where free to get to, to turn on/off.