Thursday, 10 March 2016

"Let 'er rip tater chip!"

Final ever project ey? Required to do a write up explaining the initial ideas for starting this project. As previously stated, after the success of the Land Rover, I wanted to make another car, that required me to do interior so I could work with materials as well as other components. And the finishing line is in sight!

So firstly, I started a brainstorm with someone who knows a good bit about cars, going off the guidelines that I wanted to make a classic car so the design element would be spot on and the headlights would have to be circular so I could use the same method as before with the torches as it was successful. I know some from programmes, looking at ads in the newspaper, Autotrader, etc., but no where near enough so I needed the help! So we came to the conclusion of a Porsche 356 Speedster. And growing up you think of "flashy" cars I always thought of Ferrari's or a Porsche. So it was perfect and the complete opposite of a Defender which is what I wanted. From the angular and rural, to the curvy and smart.

I started researching into classic cars in general, watching car programmes like Sin City Motors, Top Gear, Fast N' Loud, Chasing Classic Cars, Misfit Garage, and carrying on from LandRover research.. More Wheeler Dealers! Literally been there got the t-shirt. By doing this I created a mental checklist of all the things I need to cover to make this build great. So very nearly, in initial sketches, I didn't have any type of mirror on this Porsche! Thanks Edd for that reminder.. Could have been awkward.

Also went into various toy shops, looking at the different types of cars that are making it onto the shelves. All sports cars, iconic, so by building a classic car, it will just stand out and be unique from merchandise at the moment. These are some that are on the shelves at Toys R Us (other toy outlets are available ;)) you've got Lambos, a 911, Bugattis, and Minis. It is only me that thinks the Veyron looks like an owl? I'm going to have to Google that. Can't help but see headlights as eyes on cars. And funnily enough it was on Top Gear last week. 267mph.. I would have loved to have been in that car! Unbelievable, as Jezza said "in a car with wind screen wipers!" Brilliant.

But having said that if someone asked me would I prefer a day on a track with one of the fastest cars on earth (the Veyron?) or spend a week doing up an old classic (Merc SL Pagoda? That's for the initials.) then taking it for a weekend roadtrip drive. Just pass me the spanner! I would love to have the full knowledge about cars, seems like I wasted time in school learning about Pythagoras Theorem and doing bleep tests. Where I could have been learning about radiators, tranmission, engines, horsepower! So interesting and I've always loved the design element. But learning all about that, and doing up an old car, that's on my bucket list! Inevitable. It's in my genes!

It's really something when you deliberately turn over Sabrina the Teenage Witch to put on Pimp My Ride with Xzibit. Much to my sisters disapproval. Just definitely not Tim Westwood. No. I find that I obsess over a certain thing for a period of time and then don't come back to it for a while. Then back and forth. But it's like method acting I feel, when you're model making you have to surround yourself with everything to hand. Perfect for when I made those Krispy Kremes! But hey, it's research.

Anyhow! For now I'm sticking to working on bodywork, paint jobs, watching Sue's handiwork on interiors to make sure I get everything visually brilliant. Hopefully anyway! Whilst at the same time making sure I have all the different parts on there ready so there's no continuity errors. Like "where's the steering wheel?" So on, so forth. But after all of this is finished I am looking forward to forgetting about drawing, researching, looking at cars so I can get in mine, drive around and paint things that are not cars!

So this is where the initial idea came from, then I had to think about what I was going to make in addition to this. Feeling that bakery/cafe/patisserie/French vibe.