Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Let There Be More Lights!

My final 5 images for this project, using Photoshop to enhance some parts of the images to get the required look of each shot. 

Final Still 001 - Puppet Only

Final Still 002 - Puppet & Set (Day)

Final Still 003 - Puppet & Set (Night/Moonlight)

Final Still 004 - Puppet & Set (Alt. Light Source/Torchlight)

Final Still 005 - Set Only (Settee close-up)

Final Still 006 - Set Only

Final Still 007 - Set Only (Bins close-up)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Let There Be Lights!

Onwards and upwards! New year, new project, new skill! As I've specialised in model making now, I won't be animating my Mrs Shoug puppet so we have been given a brand new brief - "Lighting in Stop-Motion." I have to use a range of techniques and tools to light my set properly. So first I did some research on where to start with it all... 

I will be doing a lot of experimenting with different combinations of lights, gels, reflectors and diffusers to see what gives the desired effect that I need. I will keep all the shots that I take to show development. I hope to get five final images;
1.) Still of Puppet only
2.) Still of Puppet & Set (Day)
3.) Still of Puppet & Set (Night)
4.) Still of Puppet & Set (Alt. Light Source)
5.) Still of Set only

So g'day, until the next post with my final 5 images...